Tussilago (SE)

KLO 19:30
Kuva: Marcus Palmqvist

Photo: Marcus Palmqvist

Stockholm-based Tussilago formed in 2011 when friends Pierre Riddez, Rickard Renström, Samuel Lundin and Zacharias Zachrisson – also the younger brother of fellow INGRID-member Lykke Li – decided to start making music together. Inspired by bands such as Dungen, The Doors, Fela Kuti and Deerhunter, Tussilago began writing songs and creating what would soon become their characteristic psychedelic soundscape. Since then they’ve supported the aforementioned Dungen, Amason and Lykke Li as well as released an eponymous EP in 2013 and debut album Holy Train, produced by brothers Pontus (Amason, Miike Snow) and Petter Winnberg (Amason), in 2015.