KLO 18:00

Superfjord combines modern psychedelic rock, head-bobbing rhythms, jazz-inspired improvisation, electronic experimentation and cosmic sound canvases.
The band’s debut album ‘It Is Dark, But I Have This Jewel’ (Suomen Musiikki 2014) and the ‘Coltrane’ 7- inch released by UK’s famed Fruits de Mer Recordshave gathered praise both in Finland and internationally.

Recently the band’s stellar version of Coltrane’s ‘A Love Supreme’ also appeared on a MOJO Magazine cd compilation, curated by no other than Mr. Paul Weller himself.

On stage, Superfjord has quickly gained fame as a stellar live act and a sublime multi-sensory experience where bold improvisation meets cosmic visual projections. A Superfjord show is a trip where no one in the audience knows where the journey will take them. What the media has said about ‘It Is Dark, But I Have This Jewel’: